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    1. Properties:

    This product is of a light yellow liquid, being the main ingredient of rosin amine, capable of being solved in most of organic solvent. For example, in mellow wine, ether, hydrocarbon and chlorine solvent. Not solve in cold water, and slightly solving in warm water.

    2. Specification



    Appearance Light yellow liquid

    Specific rotation [a]D20

    ≥+56°(C=2.4 pyridine)

    Total Dehydroabietylamine Content



    3, Application: An alkali optical activate disintegrant, which is of a bit of toxicity and with high refractive power rate, for disintegrating mediate agents such as DL-y-phenil benzenebutanoic acid, DL-y-phenoxy group benzenepropanoic acid, DL-4-chlorine-2-ehtenc, DL-apple, acid of naphthylamine and mold penicillin, and the mediate agents DL-4-phthaly imido group-2-hydroxybutyric acid L(-)-4-amino group-2-hydroxybutyric acid.

    4, Packing: in iron drum of 50kgs net each.

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