About Hexing

Hexing at FISE Exhibition 2019



On December 4th-6th, 2019, the 8th FISE exhibition was held in Medellin, Colombia.


On the field, Hexing booth was popular with hundreds of coming guests and visitors, who made in-depth exchanges with the company’s technical engineers on the solutions and products.


The exhibition involved technical and academic exchange activities, covering topics such as smart meters, smart grids, data management, AMR & AMI, etc. Nearly 18,000 professionals came to visit.



On the exhibition, Hexing displayed its five core solutions, including:


Solution 1: Hexing's Next-Generation AMI solution

With a large-screen animation display, physical sample and system live demo, Hexing showed its IPV6 network topology, operation and maintenance software and real-time meter reading and load control technology.


Solution 2: Smart Cluster Metering Solution

This solution is mainly for high-loss areas like Central America and the Caribbean. The RF cascaded collectors with plug and play meters to show system how to protect tamper by disconnecting the relay when door is opening.


Solution 3: The ECG solution

Based on edge computing, the ECG solution is mainly for the Latin American distribution transformer monitoring and totalizer solutions, paving the way for multifunction scenarios with edge computing terminal.


Solution 4: UIP Software Platform

UIP software platform is mainly used to show data and information sharing between software systems.


Solution 5: Automation Distribution Solution

Hexing ADMS solution help customers improve fault location, quickly remove fault areas, and restore power supply in non-fault areas. Through fine-grained management of the power grid, it can effectively help customers locate, analyze and manage line losses, and effectively reduce line losses.


In all, Hexing will help partners to achieve their business goals with professionalism and dedication and with smart products to total solutions to customized services, Hexing is a trustable choice and a professional partner!


In Latin America, Hexing has been serving more than 15 countries for 10 years, with business covering distributed energy and micro grids, distribution network automation, intelligent metering and charging, and operation and maintenance services.


Moreover, Hexing has formed an international management team and a local marketing team in Latin America. At present, Hexing helps power utilities in Peru, Colombia, Panama, Jamaica and many other countries to lower line losses and improve efficiency, and strives to bring continuous innovative technologies, products and solutions to customers.